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          Company Profile


          裕德服裝有限公司是具有三十多年發展歷史的服裝行業老字號企業,經過三十多年特別是本世紀近十年的快速發展,企業規模、效益連續翻番, 昔日不見經傳的小草,如今已成大樹,枝繁葉茂,生機盎然。
          Yude Garment Co., Ltd. is a time-honored enterprise which has a development history of over 30 years, and having been through over 30 years’ especially the last decade’s rapid development, the enterprise scale and profit doubles in succession. A tiny grass previously not well-known now grows to be a large tree, more vibrant and plentiful.

          如今的裕德,已經發展成為占地面積3萬多平方米, 擁有員工700多人,技術裝備800多臺套,年產能430多萬件各類服裝,100多家專賣店和連鎖店,集研發設計、生產制造、品牌營銷、國際貿易、技術服務為一體的大型時裝骨干企業。公司已擁有“YOTAS”、“雅艾絲”、 “唯玖”等多個時裝知名品牌,產品銷往三十多個國家和地區,先后獲得“海寧市納稅超1000萬元戶”、“浙江省進出口質量誠信企業”、“省出口工業產品分類管理— 一類企業”、“中國服裝協會常務理事單位”、“海寧市消費者滿意單位”、“廣東省抗震救災社會捐贈先進集體”等榮譽稱號。
          Currently Yude has developed to a large-scale key enterprise of having over 30, 000 square meters floor area, over 700 employees, over 800 technical equipments, an annual output of over 4.3 million all kinds of garments, over 100 franchise stores and chain stores and integrating R & D, design, manufacture & fabrication, brand marketing, international trade and technical service. The company has famous brands such as“YOTAS”, “Ya-Ai-Si” and “Wei-Jiu” with its products being sold to over 30 countries and regions, which has won honorary titles of “Haining Main Taxpayer of Paying over 10 Million Tax”, “Zhejiang Import and Export Enterprise of Quality Integrity”, “Provincial Export Industrial Products Sort Management – Class I Enterprise”, “Standing Member of China National Garment Association”, “Haining Unit of ConsumerSatisfaction”, “Guangdong Advanced Collective of Social Donation for Earthquake Relief Work”, etc.

          裕德服裝有限公司以“創造時裝精品, 傳播時裝文化,裝扮天下女性”為己任,致力于打造時裝集團,讓美麗的企業創造美麗的事業和美好的明天。
          Yude Garment Co., Ltd. makes its aim “creating fashion boutique, spreading fashion culture and dressing up all women throughout the world”, dedicated in creating a fashion group, a beautiful enterprise creating a beauty career and beautiful future.

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